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Who We Are
John Wiseman
Founding partner and senior broker.
His initial business experience came rising up the ranks in a large chemical engineering plant, this set him on the path, after 6 years in the real estate sector in Texas he moved to New York to seek business opportunities and saw a gap in the market.
Upon meeting with Dr. Timothy Burlington who was also searching for business opportunities they decided to assist each other. An expert in financial statement analysis and business valuating were key ingredients to the initial success for Pinnacle and he has set the benchmark for all our up and coming staff members.
John concedes his perceived “magic touch" is more the result of experience and a tremendous amount of research and hard work.
Paul Tenant
Founding partner and senior broker and negotiator.
After a successful career in manufacturing in Dallas Paul came to New York searching for business opportunities and studying the local marketplace, this is when he found John Wiseman, both expressed their frustration in the process and hatched the business broker idea to put buyers and sellers together. Paul has been at the forefront of the larger local transactions that have taken place and has forged major buyer contacts in many industries that always enable us to find genuine interest in our sellers products after our valuation.
Jake Kyle
Senior broker and negotiator.
A lifelong New Yorker he has an extensive understanding of the local market. His vast experience in a variety of local and cross-border M&A transactions ensure his clients are getting the best deal at the correct price. A former real estate agent in the city gave him an instinctive knowledge of market trends and most importantly their value. Jake has been in the Business Broker industry for over 14 years. His drive and dedication is fundamental to the company and his business closing advice is second to none.
Dominic Curry
Business Valuation Director.
His background as an analyst in financial services, specializing in financial stability and risk enabled Dominic to finance several business ideas. By the age of 32 he had already created and sold business in graphic design, web hosting, search engine optimization and furniture manufacturing. His entrepreneurial skills are invaluable to our clients when finding putting the correct buyers and sellers together.
Susan Kyriagos
Head of our Legal and IT department.
She has worked in multiple areas relating to both software and hardware firms both in the manufacturing and service areas. She has provided IT industry consultation for many years and with her legal background she oversees all our legal documentation and dealings, covering areas such as tax law, labor law, property law, competition law and more.
We appreciate that while most ideas may not turn out for the best, one will always be brilliant – so it pays to listen to them all.
Through experience, Susan has acquired the patience and the legal knowledge to keep everyone talking until the deal is done.
What Our Clients Say:
Thank you Pinnacle for your help in such a tough economy. We were kept up-to-date by your efficient staff at all times through the process of the sale. We know of other business owners that have been looking to sell for many years but with a lack of knowledge on how to deal with the process and the current economy they have been somewhat reluctant, we will be sure to recommend your services to them.
Kevin BIndustry Supply Wholesaler
I was surprised with the volume of interest I received in a short space of time. Your advice through your program helped me to build a database of interest which company by company I have managed to offload to move onto my larger project. I was concerned how much time and energy would be involved in this but your team took care of those concerns.
Edward JResidential Real Estate
We just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping us find our factory premises. We expected the process to take months, but can only thank you for making our decisions very easy and the legal and paperwork side a breeze.
Bob SManufacturing Company
Through a recommendation and Pinnacle’s sharp advice on the launch of Pokemon Go, being able to purchase direct from the bank was something I hadn’t worked with before, although I sold off early and missed out on the full 120% profit I have to say that this has opened my eyes to a profitable way of doing business without having to deal with high pressure brokerage firms, having dealt with Dr. Burlington who was concise in every detail, this will be the first of many dealings.
Thomas HPrivate Equity Investor
 Many people notice when you succeed, they just never appreciate how hard it is to get there.
Your Services have been efficient and relatively easy to understand. It was easy and quick to fill out the Confidentiality Agreement and we are looking forward to taking it to the next step, looking forward to the valuation stage and seeing exactly what ballpark we are in.
Patrick TConstruction Services Company
Thanks to the team at Pinnacle, you really did a service that I didn’t really know existed to this level in buying and selling. We were finding search engines to be a minefield and had been looking for months until you were recommended to us. We are now the proud owners of what we have worked towards for over a decade to manufacture our designs. Thanks again everyone.
Susan WFurniture Manufacture
I have been a registered buyer with Pinnacle for nearly 5 years and have just purchased a third business with them. The service has been exactly what we were looking for from the very first transaction. This time around I worked with Jake Lyle, although this business was relatively small compared to our previous dealings, he still approached me and showed me in detail why I should consider this, every time I am offered a business opportunity they always come to me with something that makes sense. Here’s to the next one everyone, thanks again.
Peter F Motorcycle Dealership
I want to express my gratitude to John as his team at Pinnacle, I was finding it very tough to sell the vending machine business, but thanks to the valuating last year and the advice, we really did listen and created the interest so thanks again and keep up the good work.
Jason YVending Machine Equipment
Pinnacle really helped me with not just the acquisition of the business but straight away with the first 2 years of operation how to convey my idea in the simplest and most understandable way. My background was not in the business arena I chose to move into but the project has gone so well I am already underway with negotiations through Pinnacle to sell this and move onto a bigger business endeavor. Thank you John and the team. Shelly T Pharmacy
Shelly T Pharmacy
In a little over 30 days we have found a buyer for all our assets totaling a little over $16 million. We were so pleased with the amount of interest we received during the time we worked with John and Dr. Burlington and were finally speaking to qualified buyers and investors. We made more progress through using your system in 30 days than we had made in the previous 14 months, you can be assured of our return business. Paul S Real Estate Project
Paul S Real Estate Project
I really didn’t think you could speed up the process as much as you did in finding the criteria of what I was looking for as quickly as you did, I am pleasantly surprised, feel free to use me as a referral anytime.
Paul P Automotive Dealership
We appreciate everything you did for us. I was completely lost at that stage and frustrated. I will definitely refer others to you to represent them.
Ben RRestaurant Owner
Thank for not just selling our business and helping us to move on to fulfill bigger dreams but also in saving us over $55,000 in broker fees from what we had been initially quoted. Dominic’s valuation really made the decision to sell a simple one and it was very easy to work with you and we appreciate all your efforts. Very happy we found you as this has given us a different way of thinking and investing, I certainly would not go it alone again. More people should know about your services.
J & L Lee Consumer Products
I have only been using your company to assist me in finding a buyer for the last 2 months. I must say I don’t think I could have generated the interest we have received from qualified buyers like you have brought to the table. We have used such unreliable sources such as Craigslist for too long. I will be happy to refer anyone onto you, thank you.
Randy LCleaning Supply Wholesaler
Our team consists of professionals that have been in our industry for many years and have experience in buying and selling in many global industries, contact us today to speak to our team.
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