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Mergers & Acquisitions play a major role at The Pinnacle Group, as we are one of the leading middle-men in the middle market and more.

Sales of projects with significant size require an experienced helping hand. In our industry a business that is valued between $5-50 million is called a ‘Middle Market’ transaction. We are also involved in much larger market transactions above $50 million.

Selling a large business, asset or equity makes your choice of a business intermediary an important decision. At The Pinnacle Group, we not only understand the mechanics of large sales, but also the various deal structures that should be considered.

Middle-Market Transactions
The Pinnacle Group has extensive experience with “Middle Market” businesses.

Our M&A Division cuts through all the red tape locally and internationally to bring negotiations to the table, we have vast experience in many facets including privately held companies and equities. We are the middle-men who bring buyers and sellers together.
Pinnacle provides you with a team of trusted professionals throughout the deal process, from initial exit planning and valuation, to confidential marketing and deal structure evaluation. We will work with you to keep the acquisition or sale moving forward smoothly and swiftly to the closing.

Identifying and contacting prospective buyers directly is vital to effectively selling a Middle Market or large business, asset or equity. We are in contact with various sources of potential buyers and investors such as private equity groups, strategic corporate buyers and high net worth individuals, effectively bringing the target market direct to the seller.

Our team has completed hundreds of transactions on behalf of clients, bringing extensive business and managerial experience to the table along with legal and cross-border knowledge through our network of communications to ensure genuine buyers and sellers can enter confidential negotiations with full business and legal understanding of the situation, we look to ensure at all times everything is done to the letter of law and both parties gain optimized value from the transaction.

We do not disclose information without a signed Confidentiality Agreement and ensure that all relevant legal documents are dealt with at the highest level in each jurisdiction or country to ensure a swift and trouble-free transfer.

Our clients represent a diverse range of industries and we work hand in hand with an experienced team of business intermediaries who are experienced in the process of bringing the right opportunities to the right people in the marketplace.
 M&A’s make sense – they create wealth and provide exit strategies. That is why there have been more than 8,000 in the tech sector alone in the last 36 months.
These are the following sectors that as a group our team members have been involved in in their careers:

Advertising Agencies
Apparel Manufacturing
Automotive Dealership
Bank Asset Liquidation
Building Materials Retailers
Chemical Manufacturers
Cleaning Supply Wholesalers
Construction Materials Wholesalers
Consumer Products Manufacturing
Food Products Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Equipment Sales & Rental
Industrial Chemical Manufacturers
Industrial Machinery Wholesalers
Industrial Supply Wholesalers
Medical Equipment
Medical Supply Sales
Mobile Home Dealerships
Motorcycle Dealerships
Newspaper Publishing
Nursing Homes
Office Equipment Suppliers
Paper Mills
Publishing Companies
Radio Stations
Real Estate
Real Estate Projects
Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies
 “Dealmaking [is] a profession unto itself. Things don’t just fall into place by accident. A good dealmaker understands that it’s his job to finesse things into place.” – Anonymous

Reed Hastings approached Blockbuster and asked for $50 million to give away the company he founded — Netflix.

Residential Apartments and Complexes
RV Dealers
Software Development
Textile Mills
Tobacco Factories
Vending Machine Equipment
Waste Disposal

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 “Neither RedBox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition,” said Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, speaking to the Motley Fool in 2008. “It’s more Wal-Mart and Apple.”
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