Pinnacle Invest Group Ltd
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Selling A Business - Client Base

We are the middle-men in a global hub of business transactions. We have an extensive network of individuals and corporations that are regularly looking to acquire businesses assets and private equity.

We work together with the seller, developing a marketing plan that makes sense. We ensure that the product you are looking to sell is presentable to our global network to ensure we target the correct audience which will enable you to swiftly sell your business to the right person/company at the right price.

We work with you to develop a marketing plan that makes sense for you and your business. Our marketing services include:

Targeted Advertising to our preferred buyers list
Pinnacle Business Review (PBR) - Confidential
Pinnacle Business Profiles (PBP) - Confidential
Confidential Promotional Materials
Further research for other potential strategic buyers

We actively find buyers through networks we use, the preferred clients who have worked with us and bought through us before are offered the businesses that suit their criteria such as price, location and sector. After this we use our existing networks of alliances to ensure we advertise the product to the right demographic. We put buyers and sellers together in all kinds of local and international transactions.

There is no substitute for experience and connections in the P2B and B2B world.

To sign up with us as a buyer please put your details in our contact us page and we will ensure to add you to our database and contact you back to complete your profile.
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