Docker Raises $95 Million to Push Into Enterprises

Firm looks to attract corporate customers

With a rare foray into later round financing Pinnacle Invest Group participated with an undisclosed amount into Docker’s latest $95 million Series “D” financing. Also known to have participated are Goldman Sachs, Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital. The lead in funding was taken by Insight Venture Partners.

Only twenty-four months ago the company looked be in a serious fight just to survive. Today’s situation is a complete turn-around to be one of the hottest news stories in the tech sector.

The new strategy is to target corporate customers using their new paid service, having given free software to Silicon Valley they certainly have the attention firmly focused on them and even more so after the announcement of $95 million in new funding, taking the business from the potential bracket in to the big business bracket.

Initially Docker struggled with its online services for software developers, in 2013 they made a complex service more user friendly. Last year Silicon Valley was abuzz about the firm giving their product – a software ‘container’ knows as “Docker” – away for free. Within a year the company’s workforce is 120, 4 times what it was, making it one to watch.


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